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Thursday, March 18, 2010'♥
Im bleeding inside♥

I know i cnt hve u in mya life..bt i nvr forgt u..n i reli mish u lots..saw u todae, bt deep inside i knw, u aint mine nw..u r juz nt mine nw..i dn like da way i feel..i hate the pain hidden..yeah, i created the distance, i knw and it hurts..i didnt mean to, bt i juz hve to..i'm juz nt strong like b4, ta hold on and stay strong..i'm juz not..i juz faill in ur arms..there isnt another comfy place..my hug? my kiss? i alwaes knew tht there wldnt be anione else ta replace u..no0ne cld mke me more happy like the way u do..no0ne cn juz replce tht plce..

Haiz..wad's da point..juz over..everything's over..i juz cnt blady hate you..i juz cant..bt i mish u truckloads babyy..haiz..I wan those times bckz..
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Wednesday, March 17, 2010'♥
Im bleeding inside♥

Weeee! damn, seems like i hve been neglecting blogger for quite sometime ardy..time ta get bck in acti0n!

Let's Blog abt ma Sweetheartz who have been alwaes thr for me, throughout, no matter wad..realli happy ta have them in my lifey..nvr regretted..not once..

Ryan sweetheart! mya superrman!
Mya Priya Babbyy..Mya one n Onli..

Menaa Sya =))
Mya Precious Gal Fren! I love her shooo muchie!

My hubby!! my one n onli precious!

Love u Lots Darlink!
blogged @ 5:30 PM

Thursday, December 03, 2009'♥
Im bleeding inside♥

Can someone bring my babygerl back to me please? i reli wanna see my babygerl..its cold out der..where is she gonna sleep? where is she gonna snuggle? her baby boi's looking for her..we looked for her, bt cldnt find her..why does she alwaes likes ta play hide n seek with us? doesnt she knw how much we love her? why doesnt she wanna cum bck? u went away at 12 pm..its 8 hours nw..no sign of u..i heard bird chirpingz..bt its aint urz babyy..i mish u..m0mma mish u..papa mish u..brudderz mish u..babyboii mish u..where da hell hve u been? damn! do i hve ta keep crying for da dae to cum, for u to cum? baby, cum fast plz!
blogged @ 7:50 PM

Im bleeding inside♥

my babyboii is sitting all alone..damn i reli cnt tke tis..it brings tears to ma eyes wheneva i see him..its veri saddening..wonder wad happened to ma babygerl..wonder where is she..has she eaten..baby, do cme bck whever u are..please..
blogged @ 7:44 PM

Im bleeding inside♥

My dearest gerlbabyy..where the hell r u? man, we r mishing u so muchie..come bck to us asap dear..please..i treated ur'll like my own babies, n now one of ur'll flew away..my boybabyy, is lonely..its veri hurtful..damn juz cldnt stop crying wheneva i realise tht u r lost..the thot tht u r alive keeps me calm..r u? where r u baby? come bck soon..please come bck soon..wheneva birds chirp, i wonder if one of those chirpings were from u..please come bck soon
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Friday, November 20, 2009'♥
Im bleeding inside♥

I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU! i hate menses!!!! argh!!
i hate da freakingz crampz..its soo painful! =(
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Monday, November 16, 2009'♥
Im bleeding inside♥

My cher baby! my make up adviser! my makeup artist! my galfren! my hubby's scandal!
blogged @ 6:27 PM

Saturday, November 14, 2009'♥
Im bleeding inside♥

wee DJing n bikes!!
hahax promise to hubby n gf tht i wont tattoo, i wont pierce here n there all unless they let me continue with my bikey n stuffs! they agreed! n in order for fiqah to not suffer from motion sickness, she gotta tke motorbikey as well! hahax cher feminine ma, she's alwaes car =) lolx! future planningz liao.. =) wee kawasaki all da way man! damn cant wait ta get ma license! vroooom vroooom!
blogged @ 4:54 PM

Friday, November 13, 2009'♥
Im bleeding inside♥

My abang!! weee i mish him truck loads!
step handsome oni..lolz..
he ish sweet! =)
good tht he is moving on nw, n abang i will alwaes be thr for u, maamoi and kingkong!
love u lotsa!
blogged @ 8:23 PM

Im bleeding inside♥

my maamoii!!
hgahaz pamperz boi!
we've got lotsa nickz for each other!!
weee! hahax..i mish him lotsa..sad tht he ish going kl nxt wk..cnt cum for my bbq..idiot!
bt nvm, i knw he still loves mee!! =)
i love u lotsa pandikutty! muackz!
blogged @ 8:21 PM

Im bleeding inside♥

My kingkong anneh! oo i love him! he loves me too!
hehe hey anneh! remember..let bygones be bygones okie?
dn let anythng bring u down..
n u better stop ur drinkingz n smokingz kie?
love u lotsa my dear!
blogged @ 8:19 PM

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